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How To Use The Enneagram to Build Connection & Empathy in Trauma Recovery

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Traumatic events are an unfortunate reality of life, impacting individuals and communities around the world. None of us are immune to the far-reaching effects of trauma, and it can profoundly influence our lives and the lives of those we love. Paradoxically, traumatic experiences have a unique way of uniting people, as if pain is a universal language that transcends boundaries.

Think back to the early days of the pandemic when the world was grappling with an unprecedented crisis. We vividly recall images of exhausted nurses and doctors, traumatized by the relentless demands of their patients. There's a haunting memory of people in New York City standing on their balconies, applauding frontline healthcare workers as they left the hospital after their grueling shifts.

What was it that connected us during those trying times? It was a shared experience of suffering that brought us together. In the face of adversity, our capacity for empathy and kindness grew stronger. It was as if suffering became the bridge that connected us all, and the Enneagram plays a pivotal role in this healing process, facilitating connections and understanding.

Building Bridges with the Enneagram and Trauma

Before delving deeper into the connection between the Enneagram and trauma, let's reflect on our pre-Enneagram days. You may have found yourself irritated with individuals who embody the traits of Enneagram Type 1, known as the Reformer or Perfectionist. You might have wondered why they felt compelled to keep everyone in check or on task. However, once you became acquainted with the Enneagram, you gained a fresh perspective. You began to appreciate the strengths and skills of Type 1 individuals, fostering compassion and building a bridge of understanding.

Now, imagine the profound impact the Enneagram can have when applied to experiences of suffering and trauma. The Enneagram serves as a tool to deepen our empathy and connection, enabling us to relate to others' struggles and offer support during difficult times.

Unveiling the Super Powers of the Enneagram

The Enneagram has transcended cultural, linguistic, racial, and gender barriers to reach individuals worldwide. While the exact origins of the Enneagram remain a mystery, the nine types represented in its diagram were introduced to the United States by Chilean psychiatrist Oscar Ichazo and further popularized by Claudio Naranjo in 1971.

Dr. Chad Prevost, author of "Shock Point: The Enneagram in Burnout and Stress," underscores that the Enneagram's focus lies in understanding how the psychological and spiritual aspects coexist within an individual. Interestingly, the Enneagram's roots can be traced back to Raymond Lull, who lived in the 13th century in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Dr. Prevost suggests that the Enneagram is a system of universal knowledge, emphasizing its timeless relevance.

The Healing Potential of the Enneagram in Trauma Recovery

Once trauma is identified, and the journey of recovery begins, the Enneagram offers valuable insights and assistance. As you delve into understanding your trauma responses and the patterns associated with your Enneagram type, you gain the ability to discern what is genuinely helpful in your healing process.

By recognizing how your Enneagram type interacts with your trauma experiences, you can navigate your recovery with greater self-awareness and insight. The Enneagram becomes a tool for self-discovery and healing, helping you build bridges of connection and understanding with others who have experienced trauma.

Trauma has a way of uniting humanity through shared suffering, and the Enneagram serves as a beacon of hope and understanding on this journey. By embracing the Enneagram and its wisdom, we can foster empathy, compassion, and connection, transcending our differences and offering support to those in need.

As you continue to explore the profound relationship between the Enneagram and trauma, you'll uncover the transformative potential it holds for individuals and communities worldwide. Stay tuned for more insights into how the Enneagram can guide us in our healing and connection-building endeavors.

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